2020 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos -- Award for Teachers: Call for Online Nominations


The ONLINE nomination form for the 2020 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos – Award for Teachers is now open:

For the complete General Guidelines about the Award: bit.ly/OFAwardFAQs2020


Please see below for more information about who is eligible and who may nominate.

1. For teachers in the higher education level including graduate school, this is open to those who have been actively teaching in the Philippines for the last 10 years, with full-time or permanent appointment and with full teaching load.

2. School heads, principals, campus directors, executive directors, presidents, vice presidents, and chancellors of schools are NOT eligible to join. 

3. Those holding administrative positions other than those mentioned above may join provided they carry a minimum of 6 hours/week teaching loadwithin the school year they are joining in.

4.  All winners of teaching-related awards in the local or regional level are strongly encouraged to join, provided the eligibility requirements are met.

5.  All past regional and national finalists under the Metrobank Foundation Search for Outstanding Teachers (SOT) may still join, subject to the eligibility requirements.

6. Nominees must have a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D., Ed. D., and D.Sc.).  Teachers with a medical degree (M.D.), a law degree (J.D.) and the like are qualified to join. 

7. Nominees must have attained performance ratings of at least Very Satisfactory for the past ten (10) years of teaching.  For those who have been on official/ study leave or on secondment, performance ratings for ten (10) years closest to the period of nomination should be provided.

8. Nominees must NOT be on leave for more than two years immediately prior to nomination and must still have at least 3 years of remaining service before retirement.

10. Nominees must NOT be adjudged guilty in any administrative, civil or criminal case. 

11. Nominees must be officially nominated by the president of colleges/universities or chancellors of autonomous campuses.  Official nominees for satellite campuses of private colleges and universities and state universities and colleges (SUCs), which are not autonomous, may be endorsed by the Campus Directors or Executive Directors, but the Presidents are still the official nominators.  Self-nominations shall NOT be accepted nor considered. 

12. The following may also nominate and endorse a nominee provided that the school the nominee belongs to clears the nomination: 

a.  Government officials/leaders

b.  Journalists/Members of the media

c.  Business leaders

d.  Members of the church and civil society organizations

e.  Non-government organizations related to the sectors

f.  Awardees of the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos (formerly Search for Outstanding Teachers) 

13.       Each nominator may only endorse one (1) nominee.