The Office of Pahinungod & Continuing Education (OPCE) is actually a merging of two offices: Ugnayan ng Pahinungod and Office of Graduate & Continuing Education.

The Pahinungód component was established in 1994 as the UP Manila chapter of the system-wide volunteer service organization.  By providing institutional support to volunteer activities, UPM constituents get to share more of their skills and talents with less privileged Filipinos.  Its programs are: Affirmative Action Program; Counseling Program;Teacher Training Program; Disaster Management Program; Earthcamp Program; Ecoscout Movement; Health Training Program; Sports Science Wellness & Consultancy Program; Program for the  Streetchildren; Summer Immersion Program; Tutorial Services Program; and, Volunteers Welfare Program. Its volunteers come from the ranks of the health professionals, faculty, personnel, and students and number about 3,000.  The Ugnayan ng Pahinungód-Manila has reached 33 provinces  and has served more than 137,000 Filipinos.

The Continuing Education component coordinates the continuing education programs of UP Manila.  It facilitates and optimizes faculty, technical, and infrastructure resources committed to these activities.





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